Top Online Video Gaming Addiction Resources listed in order of completeness, helpfulness, and recent updates:
  1. Gaming Includes all resources listed below as well as direct support, the most in depth test results for gaming addiction available online, and video playlists unmatched anywhere online for gaming addiction.
  2. Zur Institute: Incredible wealth of information on many different topics and continuing education for therapists.
  3. Online Gamers Anonymous: Modeled upon the Alcoholics Anonymous model and includes forums, chat room, and meetings.
  4. Wikipedia on Video Gaming Addiction: Solid encyclopedic resource for understanding gaming addiction.
  5. World of Warcraft Addiction Detox: Thousands of World of Warcraft addiction stories.
  6. Net Addiction: General Internet/Technology addiction website.
  7. Game Addiction Test: PC Internet Safety Blog Game Addiction Flash Test
  8. Internet Gaming Addiction: PDF Brochure with Internet Gaming Addiction Information.
  9. WebMD Video Gaming Addiction: Medical advice for Gaming Addiction
  10. Video Game Addiction 
  11. Gambling Addiction Support: Based in Florida
  12. Self Discipline
  13. How Games try to get you Addicted
  14. CyberPsychology
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