Youth Halo Game Addiction: "It Eventually Just Fades, But at The Same Time It Doesn't"

I'm 17 years old. I started playing video games as far back as i remember when we had the Super Nintendo combo with Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World. Ahhh the memories. From then on I was a fan of video games. We had so many systems, PS1,2, & 3, N64, Gamecube Xbox, and Xbox 360. Then there was the game that really got me into video games, Halo 2. I played through the campaign on Easy and liked the game but didn't think it was too great. Then in August 2005, I remember, I wanted to go to Gamestop and get Dragon Ball GT: Transformation for my Gameboy and my brother went and got a 1 year of Xbox Live bundle with the headset and everything.

I played the Xbox Live times a few times once I got it, but eventually it started to grow onto me. The competitiveness, my BR shots and Sniping were improving, the ranking system had me wanting to get higher because it was so simple, but so perfect, peaking at 37, and best of all, the button glitches and super bouncing, how glitches that actually took skill. Mods<3 The originality of the custom games people thought of, ahhh action replay, the times of Run From Ball to Cat n Mouse, Troy, Zombie Survival, Zombies, Tremors, Troy I even got my own account a few months proceeding, but there I was, one of the very few 10 year olds on Xbox Live at the time. But the people of Xbox Live were much friendlier, they didn't care about my voice or how young I was, they just liked how good I was and wanted to play with me. I always got tons of friend requests during these days, most of the people I still have on my friend's list are still the people I met from 05' and 06'.  These people grew onto me considering I knew them for like 7-6 years and its crazy, people I've played with so many times, it’s crazy to know that some of those people are dead.  They were my friends that I played in custom games and my matchmaking teams for Team Slayer, Team Snipers, whatever. But the one thing I really loved about Halo 2 was how well the matchmaking made me better as a player. It made me the team carrier and crazy person screaming at the TV. But hey, I was the fucking man at Halo. I had lots of friends at school and everything, but every time i would still always be called the loser who played Xbox, that didn't stop until maybe the end of my Junior year, aka this year.

Then Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 were announced and everything changed. The massive wave of average dickheads started. I started to get into more fights and arguments because these people just loved to get into arguments about the littlest things or just for plain fun. A thing people really started picking at was my Gamerscore. As it rose, now at 55,000 or so, people have called me a loser due to my vast lust for different styles of games and thoroughly playing them. Then I started smoking pot about 3 years ago now and recently as of last year or so, after vastly expanding my knowledge on a lot of things today such as more studying physics of the games and other things most people don't look at. Then I really started to realize how unoriginal most of the games they are releasing today really are. Mostly, just sequels of the same FPS style and storyline and the laziness of designers such as multiplayer maps that are straight rips from the campaign. One thing also that really started to turn me from gaming was that they started to really downgrade the learning curves of games which makes it simple and boring. They also have no really good ranking systems anymore because too many people that are low levels get shit talked and told that they suck, CUZ THEY REALLY DO SUCK. But now wanting to design my own game and wanting to worry about my future, then rather hanging out with my friends and girls has really started to turn it all away from me. But every time I still want to play then the repetitiveness just makes me want to shut my Xbox off every time and just smoke another L aha!

-- Anonymous

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