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Get the most detailed results available anywhere for your gaming addiction!
Submit Gaming Addiction Request for Detailed Survey Test Results
  • One of our support team members will perform a detailed statistical evaluation of your survey response
  • See your percentile ranking.  This shows how addicted the person you care about is compared to the thousands of other people submitting surveys.  For example, if our report shows 90%, this means that only 10% of the people completing our survey showed more signs of gaming addiction.
  • Learn the questions you answered most differently from others.  Example: If most people answered "Strongly Disagree" to the alcohol use question and you answered "Agree," our report would note that you were significantly different from most people in this area.
  • This report is available for $10 now and your purchasing it will help us refine a method that will eventually allow it to be free for everyone.
  • To purchase this report, use PayPal, Amazon, or the Google Buy Now button below after you has submitted a request for your report.
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