Question: I need recover for a video gaming addiction.  Where do I start and how do I succeed?

Answer: Start by honestly assessing your life.  

The short solution is this: do you WANT to do better? If you want to do better, all you need to do is give up, admit that gaming addiction has defeated you and move on. Life is long and full of struggles. I found with gaming addiction for 10 years and I always tried to do better but I never really WANTED to do better. I loved playing games, fighting for survival, and having all of my friends there with me. I finally was able to replace this part of my life by starting and running my own business. Do you have activities in your life aimed at replacing your current habits? Life is simply a collection of habits and changing them MUST be something you completely want to do!

To elaborate some on recovery from video gaming addiction, recovery is different for everyone in all addictions.  Most addictions end through the person's desire to change.  If you want to begin recovery, you have to be ready.  By ready, I mean truly ready to change your life.  I do not mean talking about change and wanting to keep living the same way.  As long as you want to live one way, why change it?  You have to believe completely in the change you want for yourself and this means completely wanting to recover from a gaming addiction.  If you want to keep playing video games with your friends, then why bother recovering?  You have to look at life as a long journey and trying to force yourself to change only makes it harder.  I know.  I tried to force myself to quit my video gaming addiction many times.  I even substituted new addictions like gambling and paired video gaming addiction with drinking.  The bottom line is, until you want to do better, there is no point in trying.  You only keep yourself in the cycle longer.  Live your life how you want to and change when you are ready.

If you are ready to take the next step, then take it. If you aren't, wait until the time is right. You will know when you've had enough. Summary:

  • Change when you want to. It is much easier and there is no point to try until you know you are ready. For my gambling addiction, excessive alcohol use, and video gaming addictions, I have found I could only change when I totally gave up, admitted defeat, and found ways in my life to replace when these things did for me 
  • Line up activities to replace gaming. It may not be easy and you have to keep trying new things until you find one that truly lets you feel the way you did when you were gaming. Sometimes, combining things like exercise and a new hobby will be necessary 
  • Life will never be free from struggle and difficulty. Accepting this makes it easier to deal with everything. You will never have a perfect life or not have some "problem" that can be improved upon. 

I hope this helps.

Answered by Jerry Banfield