Prevention Efforts for Gaming Addiction are the best long term solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, prevention is not often possible when a gaming addiction has already manifested itself.  However, with children prevention is an especially effective effort that can often be undertaken unless the gaming addiction is severe.  By severe, we mean at least 40+ hours per week and negatively impacting other areas of life. If your child not having problems to this degree, prevention efforts may be possible.

What prevention efforts can I make to avoid letting a gaming addiction claim my child, husband, son, daughter, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or parent?
  • Provide someone that likes to play video games with other opportunities.  For example, find your child some sports to play, find something fun to do with your partner, or suggest an activity to do with your spouse or parents in lieu of anything related to gaming addiction.
  • For those suffering from gaming addiction, video games often fills a social life void in their life.  Connecting them with a new social life is critical to pull them away from their gaming addiction.  Do we expect this to be easy?  Absolutely not.  Do we think you might have to work really hard and your efforts might fail?  This is possible.  Still, if you want to win you need to think long term.  Our founder literally had all of his male friends through video games online and had established his social life there for years.  His fiance was patient and went for a long term win.  She never threatened or attempted directly to pull him away from his video gaming addiction.  What she did do was consistently both suggest activities to do and motivate him to select activities for himself. They went to baseball games, hockey games, family dinners, and vacations.  Over time, our founder made new connections with her family, her friends, and lowered his commitment to his network of friends online.  As he began to want to change his life, he found new ways to spend time with his old friends online including doing business and visiting his out of town friends for a weekend once every few months instead of spending every weekend online with them.  In short, if you want to win, you must plan long term because gaming addiction by nature is a here and now  fixation.  Think about how you can change a gaming addiction over a year period rather than how to get them to stop playing games for the moment and you will find success.
  • Different strokes for different folks.  What worked for our founder and has worked for others may not work for you.  If you care about someone with a video gaming addiction, you should understand that there are reasons they play their games and that you can prevent them from desiring to play their game by being the best person you can be.  Confrontation and negative energy related to gaming addiction should be avoided at all costs.  Why is this true?  Unlike substance abuse and other addictions, there is nothing overtly wrong about gaming.  This makes a big difference when it comes to handling it because social norms are not on your side.  Whereas most would agree drinking excessively and using illegal drugs is wrong, most would not say playing a lot of video games is wrong in the same way.  Thus, a more subtle approach of prevention is critical.
Summary: take a long term prevention approach and you will see much more success with video gaming addiction than with any other approach.