Gaming 2012 Mission
Progress41.94% complete (updated 06/12/2012).
Help 10,000+ people with video game and online addictions by 2012 through providing gaming addiction and video game addiction support, news, surveys, frequently asked questions, and links to all the other top resources for video game addiction online.  Click on a button below to select your next destination.

Current Objective
Publish the first Video Game Addiction Stories Book: Please submit your story here.

Check your video game addiction || Test another's gaming addiction
Request an online intervention for someone you care about. Learn more.
See our master Web Sources list with other top gaming addiction and video game addiction resources online. Read more.
Latest Achievements:
  • Resources are now all included within this site rather than a subdomain. (3/21/2012)
  • Third story submitted for our upcoming gaming addiction stories book (03/09/2012) Submit your story here.
  • You are consistently viewing more pages here over the life of the website.  We care that you like our website enough to look through all the resources and are aiming to bring the average number of pages you view on our website over 3 per visit. (03/06/2012)
  • Google Ads continually topping 3% click through. Learn more about these services for your page or business.
  • First gamer and first friends/family of a gamer detailed survey results requested and delivered (03/05/2012).
  • Payment and forms for services streamlined in requests for detailed survey results and support (03/06/2012).
Signs of [Video] Gaming Addiction?
  • Playing video games, online games, mobile games, fantasy sports, or online poker more than 40 hours per week AND/OR  hurting relationships, frequently missing sleep, or failing in school/work as a result of gaming.

Self Help and Online Community Resources:
  • Looking for an Online Intervention?  We can send an email, text message, or Xbox/PS3/PC/Blizzard games message to the person you care about to let them know you are concerned about their gaming.  This message can be anonymous and direct them to a certain section of our website.  Learn more.

  • Receive support via emailtext messaging, or voice calls at 10% of the cost of treatment from people that have actually beaten a gaming addiction.
  • Direct, private, effective, and personal support online.  We help with video game addiction, computer gaming addiction, gambling addiction, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and other online addictions.  Learn more.
  • We will make a positive difference in your life and the lives of those you care about.  See all support options.
  • *New*: Receive a video response created specifically for you.  Learn more.
Local Treatment:
  • Having helped most people with gaming addiction for free and others at a low cost through our support, we strongly discourage spending $1000 or more to get professional treatment for gaming addiction.  However, we do have local treatment center information available on our website if you are certain that's what you need.

Keys to Overcoming Gaming Addiction:
  • Understand: What gaming is, what gaming addiction is, and what role it plays in a gamer’s life.  If you are having problems but cannot understand why, the logical step is discuss the situation with other people.
  • Solve: Problems that are created by excessive gaming.   Our videos and support team can help highlight solutions that have worked for others to live a healthier and happier life.
  • Act: Out the solution and live a healthier life free of gaming addiction.  In the end, it is up to you to help yourself and make the  most out of your life.
Want to help?
  • If you are interested in working with our team, please provide a professional resume and a personal statement to