Full List of Current Gaming Addiction Resources
Questions about game addiction?  Get answers.

Signs of a Video Game Addiction:
  • Playing more than 40 hours of games per week
  • Having problems in school, work, or relationships connect with play video games
  • Most of your answers fall in the RED and PURPLE categories on our surveys
Want to contribute or read a good gaming addiction story?
  1. Zur Institute: Incredible wealth of information on many different topics and continuing education for therapists.
  2. Online Gamers Anonymous: Modeled upon the Alcoholics Anonymous model and includes forums, chat room, and meetings.
  3. Wikipedia on Video Gaming Addiction: Solid encyclopedic resource for understanding gaming addiction.
  4. World of Warcraft Addiction Detox: Thousands of World of Warcraft addiction stories.
  5. Net Addiction: General Internet/Technology addiction website.
Self Help and Online Community:
Local Gaming Addiction Treatment:
  • We strongly discourage spending $1000 or more to get professional treatment for gaming addiction.
  • However, we do have local treatment center information available on our website if you are certain that's what you need.
  • Most charge $200+ just for an evaluation and sessions often cost $150+ per hour.
  • The majority of addictions are cured outside of treatment without help

Keys to Overcoming Gaming Addiction:
  • Understand: What gaming is, what gaming addiction is, and what role it plays in a gamer’s life. If you are having problems but cannot understand why, the logical step is discuss the situation with other people.
  • Solve: Problems that are created by excessive gaming. Our videos and support team can help highlight solutions that have worked for others to live a healthier and happier life.
  • Act: Out the solution and live a healthier life free of gaming addiction. In the end, it is up to you to help yourself and make the most out of your life.
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